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RouteOptix offers a complete software solution for medical waste, solid waste, scrap and recycling industries. RouteOptix has been developed by industry professionals with over 30 years experience in the solid waste arena.

Our customers experience many benefits including improved route efficiencies, increased profitability, enhanced customer retention and ability to track Return on Investment in our savings calculator. We are a unique provider well known for the high level of quality support that is delivered on a 24/7 basis.

Many features are provided including customer service, Optimized Routing, Real-Time Dispatch, Fully-integrated Mapping, Asset/Material Tracking, Production Reporting, Driver-License Scanning, Billing & A/R.

The RouteOptix Android App is now available on most Android devices (including smart phones and tablets). The application allowing routing information to be dispatched to drivers using real-time communications,turn by turn directions from Google Maps is available on devices and the exact GPS location can be recorded. As calls are completed by the driver, a live date and time stamp is recorded in the Dispatch screen of the main RouteOptix application, providing accurate production statistics for the route. Tracking of pumping volumes is available directly from the App which also automatically updates to the main RouteOptix application allowing for detailed disposal reporting. Assets can also be scanned with a device to update inventory in the field.

If you would like to become more profitable and productive, call us today and request your free demo which will be tailored to your company.