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Tuthill Drive Systems (TDS) is home to the legendary Mud Hog®, the world's toughest breed of steerable hydraulic drive axles for agricultural equipment. This knowledge and experience with hydraulic drive axles has lead them to develop a new product, Ez Trac™, an all wheel drive system allowing trucks to go off-road or travel in bad weather conditions with increased drivability, range and safety for driver and load.

TDS' reputation for seamless systems integration makes it the global leader in design, engineering and delivery of ready-to-roll, bolt-on products with millions of hours of reliability. TDS also has won over numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a variety of other market sectors, including construction, commercial turf care, material handling and other industrial related drive-assist applications.

Burr Ridge, Ill. - based Tuthill Corporation purchased Mud Hog's name and company in 1999, combining the manufacturing of Mud Hog® hydraulic axles with its current line of integrated suspension systems. Six years later, as Mud Hog® popularity expanded, Tuthill made the brand a separate line of business, calling it Tuthill Drive Systems (TDS).

In early 2008, TDS' combined the knowledge and experience base of Mud Hog off-highway and
Reyco Granning on-highway suspension systems to introduce North America's first front wheel drive assist axle for trucks named EZ Trac.